The methods of payment for your shopping:

- by TRANSFERUJ.PL website designed for fast remittance.

- by website

- by traditional remittance

Euro Account
Unicorn Group Piotr Susuł
ul. Podedworze 16
32-031 Mogilany
BZWBK (Euro account)
IBAN number of account: PL 79 1090 1665 0000 0001 3038 6677

Unicorn Group Piotr Susuł 
Ul. Podedworze 16
32-031 Mogilany
Nr konta 
73 1090 1665 0000 0001 3038 6591

- COD  after confirming the details with the vendor. The vendor reserves himself the right to refuse sending the product using this particular delivery option.  .

Product delivery option

We liaise with the DHL and DPD courier companies as well as with the Polish Post. 

Our priority is the safety of your products. Every product is delivered in a way that precludes its damage so it will reach your hands in an ideal condition. 

Turnaround timei

We do our best to deliver the product the same day if the order was taken before noon

Every order taken after 12.00 as well as during weekends and holidays is being fulfilled the next working day. 

In order to maximise every client’s satisfaction, you have the option to monitor every order carried out by Polish Post as well as by the courier companies. 

There is also a possibility to agree on individual delivery option. 

We reserve the right to change the delivery option with“special case” shipments, i.e. orders made of products which, due to safety reasons, should be sent in for example two separate packages. In such a case, if the client does not choose the option by himself, he will be contacted and the convenient delivery option will be agreed.