The shop was established … out of the love to music... and it exists only because of it. It is dedicated to the clients who value the best quality without any compromises..

Love, Courage, Persistence…

The shop’s creator and originator is Piotr Susuł… below is the opinion stated by one of the person who worked with him …

Piotr is an engineer in the best sense of the term. The music, vacuum tubes, amplifies… the passion to make it sound best is clearly visible in his eyes. He has never left my system without the feeling that he added something unique to its sound. Sometimes we worked until early hours and I almost hit the wall but he kept changing things, put them anew, added new vacuum tubes. The effects were always baffling and incredible. We always wanted to achieve more than it was permitted by the quality of the equipment.’s values:

Taking risk, beauty, responsibility....

Tubes-Store-eu is not only about selling the audio components. It is the first audio components for hi-end systems shop which creates its own forum dedicated for exchanging info between users about vacuum tubes and audio components. We want to make the forum to be the only place for exchanging professional information and experience between experts (to be honest, we will delete any person who has absolutely nothing to say and who share meaningless opinions, in order to make the forum content more friendly and easily accessible for new users. What is more, we want to make it a professional knowledge base). It is the first website in Poland where you can ask professional questions concerning my system free of charge. 

In order to help you build and develop your audio system, we will use our best knowledge acquired during the years of cooperation with lots of audiophiles and a number of recording studios. We learnt together a lot and all of the challenges faced were a great adventure while reaching the top in the best sounds that were enabled due to the system administered. .

Together with you we are building the shop that is designed to satisfy the clients’ needs. If you feel that it lacks something, please contact us and we will do our best to satisfy your needs as well. Just give us some time and let us work.

Using the best knowledge shared by the liaising companies as well as by the fellow audiophiles with a lot of experience, we can improve or change your system. Do not be afraid to ask us about anything related with your audio system.


We provide you with the longest warranty for NOS products in the whole European market. We give you 30 days booth warranty for every product marked as NOS. We know what we sell… you know what you buy!

Our every product, no matter if it is a NOS type or not, undergoes the same strict process of measurements, technical servicing and if it is possible (as it happens with the vacuum tubes) checking the sonic quality. We are the only shop in the world that offers so strict tests for products on sale. Every product that does not meet the expectations is sent back to the manufacturer or is reprocessed. Thank to this, everyone can have a product that was undergone the same process as the ones delivered to the most demanding clients. 

We take care of the environment. The packages we use meet the most strict environmental norms. With regards to your needs, we use two different types of wrappings. In addition, you can send us used components of your audio systems if you cannot do anything with them. We can utilize them for you according to environmental regulations. 

We are demanding…

We demand your time …and determination to stick to our advice. If you have an experience, we are more than happy; if you do not have it, just follow our advice due to our experience and your safety while working with electronic equipment. 

Do you still consider whether it is worth your attention…??

- long experience...

- 30 days of booth warranty… for the NOS products; 90 days for new products… manufacturer’s warranties

- many satisfied clients… just check yourself the opinions of the most demanding clients

- forum for sharing the knowledge

- environmental friendly package