Frequently Asked Questions.

Will I receive the package the next day??

If you order your shipment before noon and choose the delivery via courier company, we will do our best to deliver the package to you by next day. Of course, it all depends on the courier company, so please take under consideration the possibility that the delivery time may take longer. 


Will I receive the package number??

After preparing the package, every customer is informed about the package being sent and the package number as well as the information about the delivery option. If any issues, please contact us at  biuro@tubes-store.pl immediately and we will do our best to solve every problem during our working hours.


Which payment methods are accepted?

In order to make the payments easier, each customer has an option to choose between the immediate remit offered by Transferuj.pl which also enables BLIK mobile payments, PayPal.com and traditional remittance. There is also a COD option available in prior discussed cases. 


Is there a possibility to deliver the package on Saturdays? 

Such possibility exists after previous arrangements of special delivery options. Please contact us earlier in order to discuss this option. We will do our best to fulfil such an order as well.

Do we use InPost in the Paczkomaty option?

We do not use this kind of delivery option within the standard delivery option due to the safety of your package. If the package is delivered personally, you can check its condition immediately. Paczkomaty InPost do not offer such an option. If the package is damaged by the courier, the courier company takes the responsibility.  


Can the package be left at the doors without personal delivery?

No such option is available. Packages sent either by Polish Post or by any courier company cannot be left at the doors. Both a postman and a courier have to deliver a package personally. 


Are there any restrictions concerning sending the products to addresses on other continents?

No, there are no such restrictions. We are able to deliver packages to any place in the world. Of course, such delivery has to be agreed individually, but apart from this, only sky is the limit. 

Is the ordering system safe? Are my personal data safe??

All the connections at our website as well as the data storage systems are served by the certified communication system. The servers rely on the most secure solutions existing on the market.


Can the order be made via phone or e-mail?

Yes it can, but this order needs to be acknowledged by the confirmation of payment before the package can be sent. 


Do you give warranty for your products?

We do offer the longest warranty for NOS products in Poland as well as 30 days booth guarantee. Every other product is being given 90 days of guarantee on condition that it is used in accordance to the product card. Other products with manufacturer’s guarantee are being treated in accordance to manufacturer’s guidelines.